About our company

The GetFirePlan.com Difference

Our fire plans are beautiful and to code, guaranteed.

When you purchase a Fire Safety Plan from GetFirePlan.com, you never have to worry about being approved by your city.

Our Fire Safety Plans are beautifully designed, easy to read, and up to code. These are guarantees, when choosing to have your Fire Safety Plan created by us.

All our Fire Safety Plans are guaranteed to be in compliance with the Fire Codes in your area. Everything is above board, you know exactly what you’re receiving from us, and our plans are easy to follow. Our extensive background in British Columbia Fire Laws will ensure you are always protected, during a fire emergency. As well, you obtain an occupancy permit with our plans.

That is the GetFirePlan.com difference and here is what you can expect to receive with our exclusive services:

Fast Turnaround

Approved Plans – per British Columbia requirements for each individual city

Exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee

Accurate Fire Safety Plans, using the CAD program

Artistic design of your individualized plan, finalized in PhotoShop. Our plans will impress your customers, with its functionality and appearance.

Durable material used for all Fire Safety Plans, they easily be cleaned and maintained in all environments

Competitive Pricing on all products and services

Last but not least, we offer free consultations at your convenience, to answer your questions. Please feel free to call us anytime at: (778) 574-2895 or you can fill out the form below. We will respond as quickly as we can. Thank you. We look forward to serving you, soon!

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