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Get Discount for Home Insurance for Commercial Building

To make sure that you are paying the lowest amount on your homeowner’s insurance, compare the cost of your insurance policy to another company’s policies at least once a year. You should also review your existing policy and mark any changes that may have occurred which could lower your premium. Make sure you have homeowner’s […]

Should you ignore a fire violation?

  We at get www.getfireplan.com get a lot of calls from owners and Property Managers who panic about a fire violation.   Normally most clients will admit that they have been told by the local fire department that they need to fix some of the issues like having a Fire Safety Plan or Fire Plan […]

How to Stay Cool During a Fire

Seemingly out of nowhere, a fire can take place anywhere, even when least expected. Often, the way a person reacts to an emergency situation has a big impact on the damage that is either prevented or sustained. To properly handle a fire, there are a few things to consider that are essential to your safety. […]

Emergency Fire Procedure in the Workplace

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers and employees are safe in the case of an emergency. This includes preparation and planning, as well as taking the necessary steps to provide fast access to safe evacuation routes. With the right information and assistance, your building will be protected […]

Simple but Effective Fire Prevention Tips

As the saying goes, the best way to stop a fire is to prevent it from happening. There are many things that you can do to drastically reduce the potential for a fire in your home or business. In fact, just following a few simple steps and being informed can go a long way in […]

Simple but Effective Fire Safety Tips

In any emergency situation, every second counts. A fire has the potential to hurt everything in its path, including people and valuable investments. The more you know about how to approach a fire, the better you will be at reducing the damage and preventing a tragedy. Here are some very important fire safety tips to […]

Care and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

People depend on fire extinguishers to work right during a small fire. However, if any part of the extinguisher is not functioning properly, the chances of putting out a fire can be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your fire extinguisher and check them routinely. When to Inspect Fire Extinguishers All fire extinguishers need […]

Where Should You Put a Fire Extinguisher?

When a fire occurs, there is little time to spend looking for a fire extinguisher. It needs to be readily available so that the fire can be dealt with quickly and the damage is minimized. By knowing the best locations to put a fire extinguisher, you will be increasing your chance of successfully handling a […]