People depend on fire extinguishers to work right during a small fire. However, if any part of the extinguisher is not functioning properly, the chances of putting out a fire can be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your fire extinguisher and check them routinely.

When to Inspect Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers need to be inspected at least once a month. You should inspect them more frequently if they are located in severe environments. Each inspection does not take long, but it can really make a difference in the way your fire extinguisher operates in an emergency.

How to Inspect a Fire Extinguisher

Inspecting a fire extinguisher is fast and easy. Start by making sure that nothing is blocking it. Coats or other objects can interfere with your ability to reach the extinguisher quickly. Next, look at the pressure level and verify that it is at the recommended setting. Fire extinguishers with a gauge typically are set with the needle in the green zone; not too high or low.

Also, inspect the nozzle and parts of the extinguisher for any damage or wear, including dents, rust, chemical deposits, and leaks. If there are any substances on the outside, clean them off thoroughly. Be sure that the pin and tamper seal are intact (not all fire extinguishers have a seal).

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Certain manufacturers recommend shaking a dry chemical fire extinguisher once a month. This will prevent the powder from settling or packing too much. Read the instructions or the label for your fire extinguisher to see if and when it needs to be pressure tested. Hydrostatic testing is usually done after a few years and indicates the safety of an extinguisher’s cylinder. When there is no information available, contact the manufacturer about how often a pressure test is required.

Every fire extinguisher should be recharged as soon as it has been used; no matter how much or how little was used.

Important: Damaged fire extinguishers must be replaced immediately.

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