Fire Violation Help

A Fire Violation can cost you a lot of time and money. If your business has received a violation, you should contact us immediately so that we can work to restore your compliance with British Columbia Fire Codes and regulations. Most fire violations are corrected quickly and completed within a day. understands what fire officials are looking for when they inspect a building or property. Our main objective is to fix all current violations, as well as prevent any future ones. We also know that a Fire Violation is extremely inconvenient, which is why we strive to resolve the situation and lessen the inconvenience as much as possible.

Please do not delay in contacting us about any violations or concerns that you have. The consultation is completely free and we will answer all of your questions. You can call us at (778) 574-2895 or fill out the form below to receive a fast response from us.

Avoid Fire Violations and complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Audits, Fire Planning, and Evacuation Plans.

Preparation is one of the best ways to survive a fire and protect your customers and employees as well as your property. In too many cases, people have panicked during a fire, causing much more damage by their incorrect attempts to leave the building. Fire Training is a valuable tool that helps every member of your staff understand the exact steps to take in any emergency situation.

Our staff will use the most effective training methods when instructing you and your employees. Each Fire Audit includes:

  • Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • Evacuation Routes
  • Safety Precautions
  • Fire Extinguisher Handling and Usage

Also, we teach your staff the tips and information they will need to calm customers down in an emergency. Fire wardens are trained along with employees in the audit to make sure they know their roles. Occasionally, a small fire can be put out on the premises by an employee. We will cover these types of situations in detail so that everyone is comfortable with using a fire extinguisher confidently.

To provide the maximum protection for all of the people who depend on you and your business, please call us anytime at (778) 574-2895 to schedule a free consultation, where we can help answer your questions about Fire Training. If it’s easier, just fill out the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Audits, Fire Planning, Evacuation Plans, and Fire Violation Correction services.

Many of the fines and business closings are unexpected because building owners were not aware of any violations. knows every possible Fire Code in each city located in British Columbia. We have the ability to anticipate violations before they are discovered by fire officials and building inspectors.

Fire Audits can be done anytime, whether you are just opening your building or would like to maintain it. Our turnaround time is fast for all of the audits and we often perform them on the day before an inspection is scheduled. No matter when you need the audit done, we can most likely accommodate you.

During a Fire Audit, we take a detailed approach to ensure that all equipment and safety routes are in compliance with the specific regulations of your local area. To avoid being surprised with a fine or closing, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. You can either call (778) 574-2895 or just fill out the form below and we always respond quickly to your request.

Complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Training, Fire Planning, Evacuation Plans, and Fire Violation Correction services.

When a fire happens, the people in your building will be looking for a way to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible. The key to a successful fire evacuation is to make sure that no one is hurt and that each person understands exactly where to go during the emergency. Planning ahead is strongly recommended to reduce panic, prevent injuries, and limit the damage of a fire. will design an Evacuation Plan that is specific to a building and its layout. In an actual fire emergency, your customers and employees will clearly see the safest escape routes that will save them the most time. Our evacuation plans and procedures are easy to read and follow so that everyone can benefit from the information.

Another important function of evacuation planning is to help fire officials locate certain locations in an emergency situation. These locations are necessary to maximize rescue efforts. By having an evacuation plan map on the premises, you will be taking the steps needed in providing the ultimate protection. currently offers the following types of evacuation planning:

  • Building Evacuation Plan
  • Evacuation Route Planning
  • Workplace Evacuation Plan
  • Office Evacuation Plan

Each Evacuation Plan is developed in CAD and finalized in PhotoShop with a look that will compliment any business or office. And the durable material is easy to maintain. For more information about placing an Evacuation Plan in your building, please feel free to contact us anytime. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (778) 574-2895 or just fill out the form below at your convenience.

Complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Training, Fire Audits, Fire Planning, and Fire Violation Correction services.