Commercial Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plans Are Required By Law

A commercial enterprise, building, or establishment in Canada and the US must have a Fire Plan that meets all of the safety laws and regulations. custom designed Fire Safety Plans are the fastest and easiest ways for a business to ensure their compliance and obtain an occupancy permit. Since the requirements may vary for each city, all of our plans are based on the specific fire codes of the building’s location. We are very well aware of every city’s unique codes and your Fire Safety Plan is guaranteed to be approved, or you will receive a full refund.

An up-to-date fire safety plan is necessary for all commercial buildings in all municipalities.

Fast Fire Plan Creation Services has a very fast turnaround time for Commercial Fire Plans. Even if you need a plan done for the next day, we can help. Please feel free to call us anytime, no matter how soon you need any service completed. It is our business to be expertly trained enough to deliver the highest quality fire plans promptly and according to your time frame.

Practical, Yet Beautiful Fire Safety Plans

Your Commercial Fire Safety Plan is not only a necessity, it is also part of your business. We will design it with only the most durable material that can be easily cleaned. Since appearance is a key element in any business, our fire plans do not look like a set of blueprints. They are actually finished in PhotoShop to produce an artistic presentation you will be proud to hang in your establishment. Although this is above and beyond what is normally expected from a company, our prices remain competitive to give you the most value for your investment.

We Create Fire Safety Plans for All Industries

Commercial fire safety plans are customized into four main categories:

  1. Restaurant Fire Safety Plans
  2. Hotel/Motel Fire Safety Plans
  3. Retail Fire Safety Plans
  4. Apartment/Condos Fire Safety Plans

Retailer Responsibility

Retailers are responsible for protecting their customers and employees from fires and other dangerous situations. Therefore, it is important for you to have a retail fire safety plan that will help everyone in the building during an emergency. Fire safety plans are not only mandatory in British Columbia, Canada and the USA, they are the best way to provide a clear path to safety if an unexpected emergency occurs.

We create fire safety plans for retailers that meet and exceed mandated requirements.

Customize Retail Fire Safety Plans

You can be confident that your plan meets all of the Fire Codes in your city. We only deliver approved plans that are guaranteed. Also, each plan is customized and detailed to match the building’s exact characteristics. Retail customers are always impressed with the look of our artistically finished plans while owners enjoy the durability and ease of maintenance.

We Have the Knowledge to Support and Meet Requirements

Let us help you obtain your occupancy permit and update all of your fire safety needs quickly, with only the best tools and an expert staff. Owning and operating a retail business can be tough enough without having to worry about fines or being closed for any type of fire violations. Please contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation so we can assist you in the fire safety planning of your current or future retail location.

Restaurants Are Comparably More Susceptible to Fire

In a restaurant, the potential for a fire is raised because of the kitchen, oven temperatures, and hot foods. The protection of your customers and employees is the top priority in fire safety. A clear outline of the escape routes helps maintain a calm, effective exit during an emergency situation.

Restaurant fire safety plans are required by law, but they don't have to look out of place.

Restaurant Fire Safety Plans are Required By Law

Each city in British Columbia, Canada and the USA has a set of Fire Codes for restaurants. To avoid being fined or closed down, your business needs to follow the requirements in a certain way. specializes in creating restaurant fire safety plans that comply (or exceed) the laws in your area to ensure your occupancy permit.

Our Fire Safety Plan Designs Fit Right In

One of the most popular parts of our Commercial Fire Plans is the design itself. Restaurant customers admire the amazing details and artistic look of a framed fire plan that was finalized using PhotoShop. As an owner, you will appreciate the durability of the plan, which can easily be cleaned again and again. This is especially helpful in restaurants where food is effortlessly removed from the surface of the plan.

Expert Design, To Scale and To Code

And of course, all of the Commercial Fire Plans are completely accurate in the largest and smallest figures. They are constructed in CAD and thoroughly checked for scale, dimensions, and measurements. If you own a restaurant currently, or are planning to build or purchase one in the future, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss all of the options for your Fire Plan in a free consultation.

High Risk Premises Require High Quality Fire Safety Plans

Fire safety plan vancouver

Protect your guests and meet code with our custom hotel fire plan creations.

Hotels and motels are built to accommodate a large amount of people at one time. Unfortunately, that many occupants increase the chance of accidents on the premises. The kitchen might also lead to an unplanned or inadvertent fire or other emergency.

You can protect your staff and your customers by having a hotel fire safety plan in your hotel or motel that meets all of your city’s local fire codes. At, we have studied the regulations very closely in all of the areas in British Columbia to know exactly what needs to be included in your Fire Plan. Obtaining and maintaining your occupancy permit will never be a problem with our approved plans and exclusive guarantee.

Durable, Professional, Accurate and Detailed Fire Safety Plans

Combined with the necessary function and efficiency of the hotel fire safety plans, there is an impressive visual element to them as well. Your guests will definitely notice the difference as your fire safety plan is an artistic replication of the building instead of an empty blueprint. All of our fire safety plans are finished with high detail, accuracy, and even durability, making it simple to keep them clean.

If you currently own a hotel or motel, or if you are planning to build or purchase one in the future, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss all of the options for your fire safety plan in a free consultation.

Meeting Your Regional Fire Safety Requirements

We meet and exceed requirements in all of our apartment and condo fire safety plan designs.

Apartments and condos in British Columbia, Canada and the USA have a number of certain codes and regulations that are reviewed by the local authorities before an occupancy permit can be issued. has all of the information about the exact codes in your area and will deliver an apartment fire safety plan that is guaranteed to be approved. Because of the amount of tenants renting from a particular building, a fire or emergency might have an effect on others living there. In order to provide an efficient way for your tenants and staff to handle any situation, the fire safety plan is displayed in a visible area.

Fast Turn Around on All Fire Safety Plan Creations

On occasion, an owner of an apartment or condo will need a fire safety plan or other service quickly. We are experts at making sure that your units have everything they need to be fully protected, and we can work with almost any time frame given. Your Fire Safety Plan is designed using the correct measurements, dimensions, and scale of the apartment complex or condos using the CAD program to ensure precision.

More than just complying with the legal requirements, a quality Fire Safety Plan represents your commitment to safety for everyone on the premises. If you currently own an apartment or condo building, or if you are planning to build or purchase one in the future, please contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. Our goal is to answer any questions you might have and help you with all of your fire safety concerns.

In addition to the above areas of commercial fire planning, offers extensive fire training, audits, evacuation plans, and fast corrections of any violations. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (778) 574-2895.

Fast 4 days turn around for Construction Fire Safety Plans

Only GetFirePlan can turn around a construction Fire Safety Plan in 4 days.  Our team on average prepares 3-4 Construction Fire Safety Plan each week.  Our fast speed allows you get your building permit faster.

Regardless if your doing a new build or Tenant Improvement, GetFirePlan has you covered.

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