For the past year since City of Vancouver announced requirements for Short Term rentals, we have be helping many clients meet their Fire Safety Plan obligations. Fire Safety for short term rentals is very important for guests who stay at your residence as they must understand what to do in case of an emergency and know who to contact for their own safety.

One of the requirements, is a Floor Fire Safety plan that is posted on each floor that shows exits routes and other details for your guests, such as fire extinguisher locations. This is very similar to what you would see the back door of a hotel room except short term owners only need one per floor.

The second part of Fire Safety planning is a maintenance log record of the fire safety equipment. has been specializing in Fire Safety Planning for the past 15 years and has been giving expert advise at an affordable price. Our clients include but not limited to, large shopping centres, federal buildings and Fortune 500 companies, such as Starbucks, and McDonalds.



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Here a what a Fire Pull Station looks like.  ( Fire Safety plan in Vancouver)


Many people always walk by Fire Safety equipment and never know what each of this equipment does and how it saves lives every single day.  Today we will be covering Fire Pull Station in a building in Vancouver, BC.  Fire pull station normally look very similar in look and are always (almost always in red).  A pull station once pulled will send a signal to Main Fire Alarm Panel to tell it that someone has activated it because they see a fire in the building.  You should never play around with these or try to pull one unless you are a tech or Fire Safety Director who is testing the equipment and you have the Fire Alarm on test as this will send the Fire Department to your location so please don’t play with this and educate your kids not play with this as this does waste allot of time of people like Fire Fighters & Fire Alarm monitoring station employee.

How does this saves lives?

Simple imagine if there was a fire in your home with no Fire Alarm you would have to call the fire department to let know you have a Fire (You still do this as some Fire Alarm are not monitored by a station) but you would also have to tell everyone or yell to inform them that you had a fire in your house.  This one step allows everyone to know that they have a fire in the building.

I’m the owner or property Manager of the building but no one told me what to do if the Alarms goes off.   

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