Fire Safety Plans Are Required By Law

A commercial enterprise, building, or establishment in Canada and the US must have a Fire Plan that meets all of the safety laws and regulations. custom designed Fire Safety Plans are the fastest and easiest ways for a business to ensure their compliance and obtain an occupancy permit. Since the requirements may vary for each city, all of our plans are based on the specific fire codes of the building’s location. We are very well aware of every city’s unique codes and your Fire Safety Plan is guaranteed to be approved, or you will receive a full refund.

An up-to-date fire safety plan is necessary for all commercial buildings in all municipalities.

Fast Fire Plan Creation Services has a very fast turnaround time for Commercial Fire Plans. Even if you need a plan done for the next day, we can help. Please feel free to call us anytime, no matter how soon you need any service completed. It is our business to be expertly trained enough to deliver the highest quality fire plans promptly and according to your time frame.

Practical, Yet Beautiful Fire Safety Plans

Your Commercial Fire Safety Plan is not only a necessity, it is also part of your business. We will design it with only the most durable material that can be easily cleaned. Since appearance is a key element in any business, our fire plans do not look like a set of blueprints. They are actually finished in PhotoShop to produce an artistic presentation you will be proud to hang in your establishment. Although this is above and beyond what is normally expected from a company, our prices remain competitive to give you the most value for your investment.

We Create Fire Safety Plans for All Industries

Commercial fire safety plans are customized into four main categories:

  1. Restaurant Fire Safety Plans
  2. Hotel/Motel Fire Safety Plans
  3. Retail Fire Safety Plans
  4. Apartment/Condos Fire Safety Plans
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