Construction Fire Safety Plan

Construction Fire Safety Plan

Many local Fire Departments and City Halls in the lower mainland require Construction Fire Safety Plans for all construction and demolition projects. To save time before you submit your permit, talk to your city permit department, to ensure you will be able to meet all the requirements.

BC Fire Code & BC Building Code

Construction Fire Safety Plans must follow Section 5.6, Construction and Demolition Sites of BC Fire Code(2018) and Part 8, Safety Measures at Construction and Demolition Sites of the BC Building Code


Requirements of Construction Fire Safety Plans

Written Construction Fire Safety Plans, to include the following information:

  • Scope of Work

  • Site Details

  • Hot Work Procedures

  • Fire Protection Systems and locations

  • Duties of Fire Safety Director and Deputy

Weekly Checklist

The second part of the Construction of a Fire Safety Plan needs to include, diagrams to support the Construction Fire Safety Plan by showing the following:

  • Existing buildings and proposed construction

  • Contractor’s hoarding and fences

  • Fire access routes and driveways

  • Firefighting equipment such as fire hydrants, and fire department connections to sprinklers or standpipes

  • Temporary exiting from existing building where existing exits are obstructed

  • Storage of flammables/propane

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