As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers and employees are safe in the case of an emergency. This includes preparation and planning, as well as taking the necessary steps to provide fast access to safe evacuation routes. With the right information and assistance, your building will be protected from fires and other potentially dangerous situations.


Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to safety. By offering a fire safety class to employees, you will be arming them with the knowledge required to save lives and your investment. In the training, they will learn about important fire procedures, how to use a fire extinguisher, where to go during a fire, the right way to direct customers, and an overview of the fire codes and regulations in your local area.

Yearly classes are recommended so that your staff will feel confident about the evacuation process, which will reduce panic substantially. Many accidents are caused by an overreaction to an emergency, and if the employees remain calm, they will be in a much better position to control the situation and help the customers. Another good idea is to have all new employees take the class when they are hired.


It’s not enough to have smoke alarms and/or detectors; they need to be working in order to be effective. Check the batteries in all smoke detectors at least twice a year and follow the instructions to run a test. Often, the first indication of a fire will be smoke, and it is essential that everyone in the building is alerted as soon as possible.


When a fire happens, it is logical for a person to automatically look for a way out of the building. However, if everyone runs for the same exit at the same time, it could result in injuries. A Fire Safety Plan is the best way to inform people about the safest exits and how to get to them quickly. Plus, many businesses and construction sites must have a Fire Safety Plan on the premise to comply with the ordinances of the city.

Not all Fire Safety Plans are the same. To make sure that your plan is officially approved by British Columbia, please contact for more information and a free consultation. In addition to designing a customized Fire Safety Plan that is equally impressive in appearance and reliability, they will help you with Evacuation Planning, Fire Training, Fire Audits, and the correction of Fire Violations.

You can call (778) 574-2895 or simply fill out the form below to experience the quality and convenience of today.

How to Avoid Fire Violations

The compliance with fire code regulations is mandatory for a commercial building or construction site to receive an operating license. More importantly, the regulations are intended to protect the people inside of the building and the property itself in case of an emergency. If the exact qualifications are not met, a business could be in violation and suffer the penalties of the law. Here are the best ways to prevent fire code violations and keep your building safe.

Know the Codes in Your Area

Although many British Columbia fire codes are similar from city to city, each municipality has their own set of ordinances. They vary depending on location and it is important for you to understand the ones that are specific to your building. Often times, a business owner is surprised by a violation because they were simply unaware of a certain regulation. If you do not know what the rules are, you cannot follow them.

Fire codes are updated as needed, and businesses should be informed about any changes or new laws that apply to their situation. Routine inspections are scheduled to verify that all buildings are protected, and to look for any fire violations. An easy way to ensure that your business never unintentionally breaks any of the codes is to have a Fire Audit before your inspection takes place.

Fire Audits

The benefit of a fire audit is that it will give you advance notice of any violations you might have on the premise; allowing you the necessary time to fix them and avoid any penalties. Without an audit, the risk of a violation increases. Be sure to have your audit done by a professional expert that is skilled in all of the regulations.


A fire code violation is not only an inconvenience, it can be costly too. Penalties, such as fines, are common, but a business could be closed down temporarily. During this time, the losses are more substantial because the business is not operating. Fines are determined by the extent of the violation and the number of them.

To guarantee that your building or construction site is always prepared for a fire (or fire inspection), please contact as soon as possible. No matter where your business is located, the staff at is trained in all fire codes for every part of British Columbia. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (778) 574-2895 or just fill out the form below for a fast response.

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