When a fire happens, the people in your building will be looking for a way to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible. The key to a successful fire evacuation is to make sure that no one is hurt and that each person understands exactly where to go during the emergency. Planning ahead is strongly recommended to reduce panic, prevent injuries, and limit the damage of a fire.

GetFirePlan.com will design an Evacuation Plan that is specific to a building and its layout. In an actual fire emergency, your customers and employees will clearly see the safest escape routes that will save them the most time. Our evacuation plans and procedures are easy to read and follow so that everyone can benefit from the information.

Another important function of evacuation planning is to help fire officials locate certain locations in an emergency situation. These locations are necessary to maximize rescue efforts. By having an evacuation plan map on the premises, you will be taking the steps needed in providing the ultimate protection.

GetFirePlan.com currently offers the following types of evacuation planning:

  • Building Evacuation Plan
  • Evacuation Route Planning
  • Workplace Evacuation Plan
  • Office Evacuation Plan

Each GetFirePlan.com Evacuation Plan is developed in CAD and finalized in PhotoShop with a look that will compliment any business or office. And the durable material is easy to maintain. For more information about placing an Evacuation Plan in your building, please feel free to contact us anytime. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (778) 574-2895 or just fill out the form below at your convenience.

Complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Training, Fire Audits, Fire Planning, and Fire Violation Correction services.

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