Many of the fines and business closings are unexpected because building owners were not aware of any violations. knows every possible Fire Code in each city located in British Columbia. We have the ability to anticipate violations before they are discovered by fire officials and building inspectors.

Fire Audits can be done anytime, whether you are just opening your building or would like to maintain it. Our turnaround time is fast for all of the audits and we often perform them on the day before an inspection is scheduled. No matter when you need the audit done, we can most likely accommodate you.

During a Fire Audit, we take a detailed approach to ensure that all equipment and safety routes are in compliance with the specific regulations of your local area. To avoid being surprised with a fine or closing, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. You can either call (778) 574-2895 or just fill out the form below and we always respond quickly to your request.

Complete your building’s fire safety needs by inquiring about our Fire Training, Fire Planning, Evacuation Plans, and Fire Violation Correction services.

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