Hotel & Motel Fire Safety Plans


High Risk Premises Require High Quality Fire Safety Plans

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Protect your guests and meet code with our custom hotel fire plan creations.

Hotels and motels are built to accommodate a large amount of people at one time. Unfortunately, that many occupants increase the chance of accidents on the premises. The kitchen might also lead to an unplanned or inadvertent fire or other emergency.

You can protect your staff and your customers by having a hotel fire safety plan in your hotel or motel that meets all of your city’s local fire codes. At, we have studied the regulations very closely in all of the areas in British Columbia to know exactly what needs to be included in your Fire Plan. Obtaining and maintaining your occupancy permit will never be a problem with our approved plans and exclusive guarantee.

Durable, Professional, Accurate and Detailed Fire Safety Plans

Combined with the necessary function and efficiency of the hotel fire safety plans, there is an impressive visual element to them as well. Your guests will definitely notice the difference as your fire safety plan is an artistic replication of the building instead of an empty blueprint. All of our fire safety plans are finished with high detail, accuracy, and even durability, making it simple to keep them clean.

If you currently own a hotel or motel, or if you are planning to build or purchase one in the future, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss all of the options for your fire safety plan in a free consultation.