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Our expert team in Vancouver specializes in designing site specific fire safety plans, disaster plans and violence prevention plans.

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Fire Plan Strategies Whistler

Besides meeting all the local municipal and fire department safety requirements, proper commercial Fire Safety Planning can substantially lower the risk of personnel injury, property damage, and legal liabilities. In addition, a properly designed Fire Safety Plan will increase efficiency levels for a safe and well-organized evacuation, if ever needed.

All our commercial Fire Safety Plans fulfill the British Columbia Fire Code Standards and guarantee your business will receive an occupancy permit. 

Construction Fire Safety Plans

It’s important for your Fire Safety Planning to change with the development and construction of any new building. We fully customize your personalized Fire Safety Plan, according to the latest updates from your construction site.

Many of local Fire Departments and City halls in the lower mainland require Construction Fire Safety Plan for all construction and demolition. To save time before you submit your permit, talk to your city permit depart to ensure you will be able to meet all the requirements.

Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans are essential for protecting your customers, employees, and visitors. They provide the necessary information in finding escape routes quickly and safely during any emergency. Our quality, Evacuation Plans also alert fire and emergency personnel, to the vital locations they will be looking for; when they respond to an emergency situation.

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